Volunteer Opportunities

Need Volunteer Hours? Want Volunteer Hours? We can Help!

High School Volunteer Hours are available on weekends and school holidays. Gain valuable experience when you spend time volunteering at Playtrium!

Here are our current positions. Take a look and fill out the form below if you are interested. Once received, we will contact you to set up a short meeting and get you started!

Junior Camp Counsellor (Ages 14+): Camp helper, works with trained counsellors to assist students with lunches, crafts activities, etc.

Maintenance/Arcade Help: After hours cleaning shifts or day time help with games and prizes.

Flyer Distribution: Posting flyers on local bulletin boards and placing in mailboxes in near by neighbourhoods.

Intern Program/Resume Enhancement: Develop a program that enhances your resume, teach a class or workshop… the sky is the limit!

NOTE: If you are seeking high school volunteer hours, be sure to check with your guidance counsellor before enrolling at Playtrium. You will want to make sure your hours will be honoured.